The Vision

We believe in designing for the built environment in such a way that places human life and activity at its center. By the built environment we refer to human-made surroundings that serve as settings for human activity. These settings differ in scale, from buildings and public spaces such as streets, parks, squares and beaches, to neighborhoods and cities. The design of these settings can influence human activity both positively and negatively. Our objective is to search for and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that can allow us to improve the way we live, work and recreate in such settings, both locally and regionally.

The pattern of research that we follow is research-through-design which, as the term suggests, is the search for and acquisition of knowledge through the act of making. Design as a means of research is a choice. We consider it a necessity since this pattern plays an effective role in bridging the gap between theory and practice, and between researchers and practitioners. Following this approach, we address the many existing and emerging challenges facing local and regional built-environments and discover ways of meeting these challenges by and within the act of designing.  In the end, the design solutions themselves pave the way for further research and findings.

Eventually, we wish to establish ADRL as a leading center for architectural design research recognized for providing viable and sustainable design solutions to existing and emerging challenges facing local and regional built-environments.

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